High added value services

KMIR Consultants guarantees you the project management and the realization of the projects perfectly coherent with the activity and the potential of development of your enterprise.

The professionalism and experience of his managers and employees, especially in the telecommunications, distribution and finance sectors, is your guarantee of reliable and long-term involvement with you.

Our added value is the quality of our missions and the service provided, and the motivation of our consultants.

Delegated skills

The missions of KMIR Consultants are based on a dual skill:

  • Knowledge of your business
  • Sense of service linked to a high level of technicality

KMIR Consultants will delegate to you employees with fixed-price contract or payment per day. Typical profiles of our stakeholders:

  • Consultants, expert in Risk & Crisis Management and Business Continuity
  • Project Manager
  • Development Engineer