Liberate the enterprise

Consulting and Assistance

To control the change

Irrespective of its importance and its activity, your company is or will be one day confronted with a deep technological transformation, necessary to ensure its competitiveness and its sustainable development.

This change can be sometimes sudden, sometimes slow and painless. In all cases, it has impact on the structure and operation of the company: it yields important investments, a follow-up from day to day of the changes, as well as taking into account the risks and advantages for all the concerned role players.


To define the actions

KMIR Consultants proposes to you the analysis and treatment of the two principal action levers, which are essential on your company:

  • New forms of organization
  • New technologies of information and communication

Our objective is to assist you in your liberation from the constraints and the chains related to the change by:

  • A simplification of flows and an improvement of your performances
  • A development of your productivity gains
  • A follow-up and management of your project
  • Implementation of adopted methods and tools

To anticipate the effects

When such a change is profiled or set up, it is essential to have a comprehensive view of the potential or probable impacts of the project: you need the advice and presence on the ground of a partner company able to assist you at all the stages of the process. Management, information system, re-engineering: KMIR Consultants has all competencies to be this partner at your side.

To manage complexity

You need solutions and relevant answers in the installation of your computing projects. You must build and control a set of innovative tools and applications without calling into question neither the individual and collective assets, nor, generally, the existing systems.
KMIR Consultants accompanies you in:

  • The definition of the tools and methods
  • The drafting of the booklets of specifications
  • The follow-up and coordination of the projects
    • The control and accompaniement of change